Sunday, August 19, 2007

The gift secret revealed

Soooooo... have you have been dying to know what the super-secret project I was working on was? No? Are you at least a little curious, if I'm going to tell you anyway? :) Uh, good, I guess.

The gift has been shipped and the recipient has it; it was a messenger bag for my niece commissioned by her mother. I've put the bag up for sale so you can see it here. My sister will buy this from etsy so I can keep track of what I make. I'd be thrilled to make more bags similar to this one - keeping each of them unique - and I'll be putting up a custom item for that. If you're part of my family then I can work out a reasonable price for you if you want one or more of these for someone :)

This afternoon Ian and I watched Stardust. It's a movie based on a book by Neil Gaiman. The book is fun and is a relatively easy read. It's a very good story with humour, adventure, love, challenges, and magic - a combination that it very hard to resist. The movie is much like the book but in movie form. They did a fantastic job of adapting the screenplay from the book; the feelings evoked by the movie are very similar to those evoked by the book, and that's quite an achievement.

The story is great, the acting and special effects are awesome, and the cinematography and scenery are spectacular! We highly recommend this movie. It's probably not for really little kids as there is some implied nudity and sexual situations as well as some violence that could be scary to young'uns. It should be just fine for older kids, though :)

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