Saturday, July 07, 2007

Going to the circus

We went to Avaia, the CirqueNiagara show in Niagara Falls tonight. Before that, we figured that since we were so close to the US anyways that we might as well go to Joanns fabric store as I was looking for a couple of specialty items. Unfortunately, we didn't plan on the 2 1/2 hour wait to get through customs. We thought we'd left plenty of time but we ended up a bit rushed. Fortunately, customs didn't charge us duty on the things we bought.

The first Joanns we went to didn't have what I was looking for so we went to a bigger one. They had almost everything, but I wish that I'd been able to go back to the first store. We had dinner plans and there just wasn't time. The lighting in some parts of Joann's was terrible; it was dark and purple and I felt like I couldn't see. I found it very upsetting and disorienting. Between that and the fact that we were running late, I was a basket case for a little while. I wasn't able to coherently describe what I wanted - I couldn't find the words and I couldn't think. I did get most of what I wanted, including an adjustable skirt hemmer thingy with a thing that makes chalk puff out in a straight line.

The dinner at Mia Casa Ristorante was pretty good. The ambience was good and the server warned us that the kitchen was very busy because of three wedding parties, and then proceeded to make sure that we were out in time for our show. It was a little expensive but then, so is everything in Niagara Falls.

The circus was GREAT!!!! We all had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. One of the unique things about this circus is that it has real, live horses. The tricks they can do on the running horses are nothing short of amazing! The other acts including the transition clowns and acrobatics were very good, too. The circus took place in a tent with a ring in the middle and seating around the middle. It had a cozy, almost old-fashioned feel, like each member of the audience contributed to the circus. We'd highly recommend this show if you're in the Niagara region. The tickets range from $39-79 and a kid 12 and under is free with the purchase of an adult ticket (half-price otherwise). That really isn't that expensive compared to other forms of entertainment.

In other news, I've got some crazy rash thing in the corners of my elbows, my neck, and my back. Wherever my skin folds, I've got terrible itching and a red painful rash. I have no idea what this could be. Anyone know? I took my allergy medication this morning and we went to the pharmacist to figure out what to do. She recommended a hydrocortisone cream mixed with something else. This gives temporary relief but the rashes are still there. This is strange.


Darling Jee said...

Sounds like heat rash. My mom used to use baby powder to soak up all the moisture but I find that sitting in front of an a/c usually does the trick. Mine goes away quite quickly but leaves unsightly bumps for a little while.

Anonymous said...

It sound like you found what you needed at Joanns.

An online Canadian source (for times when you're not in a hurry) is A Great Notion, based in BC. I think I found the skirt marker thing you were describing -- I went to their online catalogue, then Marking > Chalk Markers. It was the 5th item.


Anonymous said...

Monisa stole my idea (just kidding, but really - who are you, Monisa, and why do I always agree with you on Chantelle's blog? lol)!

Heat rash / prickly heat:


Anonymous said...

I get a similar rash in the crooks of my arms and I used to get it behind my knees as well. It's like it starts out itchy so I scratch...which makes the red rash appear. The rash becomes itchy so I scratch...and make the rash worse...which makes the rash itchy so I scratch....seeing a pattern? Anyway, I have no idea what causes it but I know if I can just not scratch it gets better. Good luck with yours, hope the cream works well :)

Love you lots,

Darling Jee said...

Oh yeah, my mom used to call it prickly heat as well!

Ummm, who am I...?

Well, I guess I know Chantelle through Ian. I used to date Ian's brother, Geoff, for eons but now we're just friends and it seemed appropriate to stay friends with Chantelle as well.

Also, I am a frequent buyer of earrings. I promised myself I wouldn't buy shoes until grad school was paid for but now I have a newer (and slightly cheaper) addiction that Chantelle seems happy to feed! Oh well, at least my ears are pretty :)