Saturday, July 21, 2007

Last full day in Winston-Salem

I love shopping! I'd actually intended to take a shopping break today. Really. Well, I was going to try and find the bead store that is supposed to be here, but that's for a specific project and so that wouldn't have counted. Unfortunately, the store is out of business :( and so I went to get some groceries for the trip home.

Next to the grocery store was a Burlington Coat Factory which is like Winners with discounted clothes and they were having a sale. They do have a fine selection of coats, and I bought a raincoat that fits very well and looks fabulous! I also bought some purses with frames that I can use. It's hard to get purse frames without special-ordering them so if I can find them at the store I can use them. Some of them are designed to have the lining and outer fabric stitched into the frame (instead of held into the frame via pressure or screws)! I was thrilled! When I realized this in the store, I bought every purse of this type - there were three of them. What a find :)

I have been working on this custom project for a while. Someone gave me some stone beads and asked me to make a necklace and earrings out of them. I'd been having trouble figuring out what to make because I don't usually use these stones. Today I finally I figured out what I'm going to do :) Hopefully I can find the materials I need or I'm going to need to learn how to solder silver jumprings together. :)

This evening we went to the closing banquet of the festival. The service wasn't great; we had a vegan at our table who had requested the vegetarian meal and who didn't get it for a long time. I guess some people decided to go to the dinner at the last minute and then wanted the vegetarian meal. Someone else dropped a tray, too. Between those things, our tablemate had to wait a long time for his meal. The servers didn't clear our table of dinner plates until after the speeches and awards, and we didn't get coffee and dessert until afterwards as well. The awards and stuff lasted about two hours. I'd go again if I could get in for free.

Tomorrow we're leaving for Pittsburgh. We have our tickets for Fallingwater so we'll see that on the way to the hotel.

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