Thursday, July 19, 2007

North Carolina juggling and shopping

The Renegade show was ok last night. There was a bellydancer who did contact juggling - both her bellydancing and contact juggling were good. She got lots of catcalls and whistles. Juggling is a sport practiced primarily by males, in case you didn't know :) Some of the other acts were pretty good and others were pretty bad. The guy with the two doll babies (he eventually made them out to be superheroes and they were supposed to jump on his head.... but they missed) was bad. I'm glad that we had an opportunity to go because we can't go tonight. I'd love to go but we're getting up very early tomorrow to go hiking.

Ian juggled all day and I shopped. I went to the Friendly Center. While I was there I pretty well exclusively spent time at Macy's because it is my favourite department store here. I tried on dresses and suits; I've gained a bit of weight and would love to have a suit with a jacket and skirt or pants. I found one I loved but it didn't come in my size, and the other one I loved would have cost me $168+tax on sale. I decided that I didn't need a suit that much :)

On my way there, I stopped at a Shoe Carnival store. While I was browsing around they announced a time-limited sale of buy one get one half off. Their prices were already reduced and so the two pairs of shoes I bought were a great bargain. Not to mention beautiful! One pair is a black patent ballet slipper and the other is a flat silver shoe with cutaway sides and interesting things at the toe.

OMG!!!!!! As I was looking to find my shoes so you all could see them (which I didn't, sorry), I saw that Zappos now has a Canadian site!!!!!!! They are shipping to Canada for a flat rate of $10. I can barely wait to shop there!!!! We in Canada can now get all these great shoes at all these great prices (the dollar is sooooooo good right now)!!!!!! I wish I had lots of money :) I tell you, this has made my day. If you love shoes like I do, and I know some of you do, I highly recommend this site. They have a big variety and their shoes tend to be less expensive than if you'd found them in the store.

On a less frenetic note, this evening we watched the individual and team juggling competitions. It was quite entertaining - I've seen some of these jugglers on videos so it's cool to see them participating in a competition. I'm really enjoying the shows here, and I think Ian is having a good time, too. We might consider going to the festival next year in Kentucky.

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Anonymous said...

Jeepers you must be tired from your travels and shopping and other fun stuff! Just reading your blog is exhausting me! Keep having fun and buy some more shoes!