Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Getting back to normal

The "About my Breast Cancer" section over on the side is new today - I thought you all might be interested in seeing my breast cancer history, as it's a way to quickly see at a glance what I have and the treatments I've had. I actually use a similar version of what you see there as my signature on the Young Survival Coalition bulletin boards.

I watched Dying at Grace today. It's a documentary about five people who agreed to have the filmmaker film their last days at this hospital, up to and including the moment of their deaths. So it shows some people who die as they die and leading up to it, which is very hard to watch. One of the women had liver mets and had been responding to treatment at first before the cancer got her. It was very, very difficult to watch this movie, but it was well worth it. I don't mean to be morbid, but I need to have all the information possible about my cancer, death, and dying. I know it sounds strange but in a way it helps to know how things will end. I'd recommend this film. It is heart-wrenching, real, and respectful.

Even with the movie, I actually got some stuff done today :) I wasn't sure I would because my body was quite stiff. Last night I had my first of six bellydancing nights. I decided to sign up for three classes on Tuesdays starting at 5:30pm. I didn't know that the class time has been lengthened to 1h15min from 45min and so I won't get out of class until nearly 10pm on Tuesdays. The first class is core training for bellydancers, the second is a technique class, and the third is a holistic approach to learning the different rhythms. We will do some drumming, some zills, and some dancing. I'd never done drumming or zills before so it'll be a good introduction to these.

Anyways, last night was really long - it was a good thing that I worked out a couple of times while on vacation or I never would have made it through last night and then Well-fit tonight. I'm glad that I don't have to do anything physical tomorrow. :) On the bright side, I have muscles on my back that keep surprising Ian. That's not bad, is it? :)


Tibcat said...

I have watched Dying at Grace several times. As with you, I found it exceptionally moving. And very difficult to watch. So far I've only been able to watch about 20 minutes at a time but I think I've seen it all now so next time it's on, I'm going to try for a complete run through.
Love, Mom

Chantelle said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels compelled to watch it. There were parts I couldn't watch closely - where the people couldn't breathe, for example - and I know I'll need to watch this again.

In some ways it helps me to know what's coming, as bizarre as that sounds. I'm nowhere near to that point, of course, but I want to know as much as possible.