Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Turtles are so cute

I spent the day making a dress for myself. I want one of those trapeze-type dresses that are gathered in at an empire seam but that doesn't make me look pregnant. Unfortunately my dress is not yet working out and needs a bit more work :( Oh well - I got some great fabrics and I can still afford to play around with them a bit. Hopefully I'll get it working :)

After Well-fit we went to a friend's house to play games. This time we played Hoity Toity and Set. Hoity Toity has very long instructions that are very precise. They were meant to leave no possible situation unexplored so seemed quite long. The game was very fast moving and a lot of fun. Ian and I ended up winning :)

Set is a fun game where you match up cards in sets of three. I think it's usually a game for children. It was fun, too :) We all really enjoyed playing that one.

It was good to see everyone again; I haven't seen them lately as I haven't been able to go to the last two game nights. The best part about tonight was the turtles. The hosts have two of them (a male and a female). They're red eared slider turtles and they're very, very cute!!!! I got to feed them snacks and they were so cute when they stretched their heads up to eat the treat from my fingers (biting my fingers in the process)! They took the male turtle out and I got to hold him. He has very long claws and kept trying to get away - it felt really cool to have him push his little paws against my hand. Turtles are so cute.... it almost makes me wish that I had a cute little turtle :)

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Anonymous said...

Let me know when you want to play Set some time! My family won't play with me. :-(