Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Nothing really happened today

Today was one of those days where nothing really happened. You know, where you're up and doing stuff but nothing really gets done? Well, today was like that for me. Sure, I did a little designing, and I did a little figuring out, and I thought about another thing that I'm working on (I've got its essence in my head but not its design). But I didn't really DO anything. The day just passed by.

To tell the truth, I'm sort of waiting for the phone to ring. I keep half-expecting my oncologist to call about the ultrasound. That's very silly, because there's no reason for them to call. They only call when something is wrong and there's no reason for there to be anything wrong. I guess although I say I'm not worried, I must be concerned in the back of my mind. Realistically, even if there is something wrong, the oncologist won't get the results until the end of the week and so wouldn't call until then. So why am I waiting for a call?

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Anonymous said...

Wellllllll, I think maybe you are waiting for the call from the oncologist because this is the first business day after your tarot card reading - which had implied some kind of change (and bad decisions). It's logical you'd think it would be the oncologist. Hmmmmm what else...

Love your fireworks photos, by the way!