Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Learning... slowly. Very slowly

I didn't finish my wax-carved ring today because while I was able to melt the wax with a candle, I also melted my setting. So I melted that ring onto the other ring to make sure that I had room for the stone. Then when I went to class I found out that pieces shrink a bit when they're cast and I was worried that my ring would be too small and delicate. I actually cut out a new ring blank before my instructor said that the ring I had would be fine. I brought the tools home again so that I can carve it this week.

One thing about doing something multiple times is that I get better and faster at it. For example, when I first started trying to make rings, it took hours, even if I was using wire. Now I can do it in about 15 minutes if I'm making it out of wire. The same is true of carving rings: at first it took forever to cut the ring shape (and I did a bad job), and now it takes almost no time to cut the shape out and my cuts are straighter.

Sometimes, though, I wish that I was able to get things right the first time. I know I learn so much more when I have to re-do it over and over but it just takes so long to go through that process. Plus it's wasteful of materials. I know that some materials are covered by my course fee but I think I might be going above and beyond what's covered.

At least I'm learning and making things... even if none of them are quite finished.

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