Sunday, August 28, 2011

Theatre chairs are here!

We finally have all of the furniture that we'd wanted to have in place before we were out of the old place. Yes, our theatre chairs are here! In fact, I'm sitting on my chair as I write this post. We're very happy with the chairs (or sectional as the delivery guys called it) as they're comfortable and they look really nice.

We actually ended up with a better product that we'd expected. The two middle seats we ordered are armless because we still wanted to be able to cuddle while watching tv. Normally the controls for the power recline are on one of the arms and when there are no arms between two seats, they put a wand in between that has a switch allowing each person to use the power recline feature. Of course both people can't use the feature at the same time and the wand is fairly noticeable.

We were prepared to deal with the wand because we didn't want the arm between us. We were thrilled that they didn't put the wand switcher thingy in; instead, each of us has a lever on the right side of out seats that we use to recline our seats. It's awesome! We're so happy that we ended up with this new technology instead of what we were told we'd get.

One of these days we'll take pictures of all of this furniture we've got. For now you'll just have to be satisfied with me telling you how much I love the stuff :)

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