Saturday, August 27, 2011

Roller Derby!

We managed to get tickets to see a double-header flat-track roller derby match featuring two of our local Tri-City Roller Girl teams playing visitors from Toronto tonight. I loved the idea of roller derby before tonight because it's one of these sports that celebrate women of all shapes and sizes so I was really excited to go and see a match in person.

Unfortunately, both matches were blowouts. Our local teams both won with scores over 200 - well over three times the losing scores - when the high score is apparently usually closer to 100. I don't like seeing scores like that in any sport because it just isn't fun to watch or play anymore. Also, we'd hoped to see more balanced match-ups because we have no idea if our local teams are actually any good or their opponents were so bad.

I enjoyed watching the matches although I didn't always understand what was going on. There was a "cheat sheet" in the program booklet describing the basic rules and penalties, which helped a lot, but I didn't always catch what happened and I didn't understand all of the penalty calls.

I really enjoyed watching the action during the matches. It can be very exciting when the jammers are trying to pass everyone else and the blockers are blocking them and then a jammer breaks free. I think if we were to have been watching a more balanced game it would have been more exciting. I hope that we can go again and see some more awesome roller derby action.

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