Sunday, August 07, 2011

My sewing room

We're one step further along in getting the sewing room done! Today we bought subfloor and insulation materials. We haven't done anything with them yet and we haven't got the drywall done, but at least we've bought the subfloor.

They didn't put a subfloor down in the main part of the basement so the floor will be more prone to moisture damage, popping, and will be less comfortable. We've chosen to use DRIcore as the subfloor because it's easy to work with, isn't too expensive, and gets great reviews.

I still haven't chosen anything else for the room but I'm leaning towards laminate for the floor. There's actually another product out there that's considered a luxury vinyl or super-laminate product which is basically vinyl planks that look like wood strips. It's apparently softer underfoot and more water-resistant than regular laminate flooring. I have no idea if it's carried locally; I can find one manufacturer's product online but most flooring companies don't have viewable online inventories.

Of course I haven't picked a paint colour, either, or chosen furniture or figured out a layout or anything. That'll come once the drywall and floors are done. One thing I need to think about is whether or not I want extra electrical added to the room. If so, it would be a good idea to get that done before the drywall is finished, wouldn't it?

When we were putting the subfloor panels into the sewing room I remembered how wonderful the light is there. I walked around, pausing in different places to see what the light was like. I'm going to love working in that room when it's ready.

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