Wednesday, August 10, 2011

A little shopping

I finished my tube-set ring today and I'm quite pleased with the end result - it's a very delicate, cute little ring. I'll try to take a photo of it tomorrow so that you can see my work.

The cleaning person was also here today so we have a lovely clean house again. While she was here I went out bra shopping. I went to Vicanie's where the staff are very well trained in bra fittings and they have a large selection of very good-quality bras. I have a hard time finding bras because my boobs are different sizes. Even though I wear an enhancer, bras don't fit me properly. Molded bras in particular don't fit me well.

The salesperson was very good: she measured my ribcage, sized up my boobs (I'm a B cup again), and said that the best bras are ones that are stretchy and not molded. Then she went and got a whole bunch of bras for me to try on. I don't even know how many I ended up trying on but it was a lot - she just kept bringing me more until she ran out of bras to bring me, after which I decided on a black one.

Each cup is made of three pieces seamed together (like an old-school bra) and so they fit so much better than the molded-style cups. The three seams give more support than other styles and the cups don't go up as high, either. I also love the more natural look this bra gives me. They've also ordered one in nude for me because that's what I really wanted. These bras cost a lot but I'm not complaining; if something fits, it's worth the money as far as I'm concerned.

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dancilhoney said...

I LOVE chantelle bras for bedtime. It's perfect and just the right amt. of support. I gave one of them to my daughter who wears a B cup and it fit her perfect too.