Thursday, August 25, 2011

Annual physical

oday was annual physical exam day at our family doctor's. Last year he gave me a requisition for a pelvic ultrasound and I never got it done (I don't know why - I just let it go) and I was nervous about whether he would scold me for that. Fortunately he didn't scold me; he wasn't mad at all. He just said that we would work it and and gave me a new requisition. I will get it done as soon as I can.

Through most of the appointment we talked about my recent problems coping with everything and I gave him my psychologist's phone number. Because I'm struggling, he's worried that I might become a recluse and not leave the house. He hit the nail on the head there although I don't know how he guessed so accurately. When I was living on my own in Markham I noticed that the longer I didn't leave the house, the harder it became, so I made myself leave the house and interact with at least one other person every day.

Recently there have been days - sometimes several days in a row - when I don't leave the house at all and I end up feeling a bit uncomfortable when I do have to go somewhere. I realized today that metalsmithing isn't just an interesting hobby and a new creative focus for me; it's also a way for me to leave the house and interact with other people. That's some great justification, isn't it? :)

My family doctor wants me to at least go outside each day whether or not I interact with people or leave the property. He told me that he wants me to work in the garden for at least an hour each day for my mental health. This isn't a bad idea: I do find it relaxing to weed the lawn and garden and to putter around.

Speaking of weeding, I discovered that we have crabgrass in our lawn. I had heard of crabgrass but I didn't really know what it looked like. Ian's mom showed me some when we stopped by after our appointments and I realized that I'd seen some in our yard and had been pulling it out. We pulled more out this evening and tomorrow after my bone scan I expect to spend more time pulling them and thistles out of our lawn and garden.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

i agree wholeheartedly with your doctor... i think getting out of the home will contribute to your positive mental health.

i like to stay in the house, and i have to force myself to go out... it helps that i have people in my house so i get some interaction if i stay in, but if i was living alone i think i would need to make a daily effort too.

but i find that if i even go one single day without interactions with other humans i start to lose the ability to communicate effectively. my self-esteem goes down and my anxiety goes up. for you it may be beneficial just to get out of the house. i guess i also need to see people too.

if you keep in mind our mother was agoraphobic... it all makes sense really.