Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Metalsmithing projects

Silly me, I thought I had metalsmithing class tonight. I went there and by the start time no one had showed up - not even the instructor - so I came home. I checked the email she'd sent way back when and it turns out that there was no class tonight. Ooops.

I'd hoped to go there because I wanted to fix the wax ring that I'm carving out. Because the ring is quite thin and delicate, I managed to break off the stone setting from the band. I can just "glue" the pieces back together with melted wax but I don't really have any. We use an alcohol lamp to melt a scrap piece of wax and drop that wherever it's needed.

I do have another wax ring that I'm carving (why do one when you can do two?) and I think I can take enough off the top to use as "glue". It might be possible to use a regular candle to heat up such a small piece and if not, that's ok. I definitely have metalsmithing tomorrow night so I can fix it then if necessary. I'm so far behind in my projects that I want to try and do as much as I can at home. I won't get ahead that way... but at least I won't fall further behind.

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