Sunday, February 27, 2011

It's Oscar night!

It's the Academy Awards tonight - the biggest red carpet show of the year!! Oh yeah, and awards will be given out, too. There are a lot of award shows - too many, some might say. And with each award show is an increasing number of minor red carpet events. In some ways it's all pretty silly, isn't it?

There's something about the overall glamour of the Academy Awards to which I'm drawn. The award show a stately affair, full of self-importance and conducted with pomp and circumstance. Winning an Academy Award seems to carry with it more weight than winning an equivalent Golden Globe or SAG award. Cynically, I suspect that "more weight" translates into "more money".

The awards themselves are supposed to acknowledge the very best in each area in that year. People assume that an Academy award-winner is particularly talented or great but that isn't always true. Some years the competition is particularly stiff and others the competition just isn't there. Any of several really good contenders in a category one year would win that category in a weaker year. Few people remember that the competition was particularly stiff the year a particular contender didn't win.

Regardless of whether the awards are useful or important in the real world, I like watching the show and looking at all of the outfits. Therefore I'll be watching the show tonight as long as it doesn't go too late and it isn't boring. I'll post my red carpet review for you in the next couple of days.

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