Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Bereavement group

I think this bereavement group is going to work out for me. It's for people who've had loved ones commit suicide, leaving them to deal with tramuatic grief. Dealing with the grief suicide is different than dealing with the grief from an expected death. Both are hard but when a death is expected the person left can do some pre-grieving and letting go instead of being shocked into it.

The person leading the group is very good at getting people to talk and taking their experience and bringing out a main point to it. You know how, in a group, someone will invariably end up talking about something that seems totally random? Well, when that happened, the group leader was able to take that and relate it to the discussion at hand, bringing out an essential point and giving me "aha" moments. Not many people have that kind of talent.

I'll have a red carpet post up for you tomorrow. I've got the pics up but there's still work to do.

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