Thursday, February 03, 2011

Snowpocalypse averted

The weather people issued dire warnings for yesterday. There will be a Snowpocalype! Snow like you've never seen before! The world is coming to end! Schools were closed, classes were canceled, and everyone hunkered down in preparation for the huge storm.

And then nothing happened. Oh yeah, it snowed, but it wasn't that bad. It was cold, but people weren't stuck in their cars with snow burying the cars, like they were in Chicago. It wasn't even as bad as that snowstorm in Edmonton the weekend before I came home, where cars were stuck and there was a 72-hour wait for the automobile association to come and help.

Because of all the hype and fear of the snow, my metalsmithing course was canceled yesterday. I had been really excited about going to class because I wanted to learn the new things like making headpins and earwires and stamping metals and I wanted to finish my piece from last week.

I looked around the interweb and found a place in Toronto that carries tools and supplies for a reasonable price... and I bought myself a saw, some blades, a bench pin (it has a V in it so small pieces are supported on both sides when sawing), and a 12"x12" sheet of 20g copper. I could have purchased a lot more blades of different sizes and other sheets but I didn't want to go overboard.

The best part of buying this stuff yesterday afternoon was that it arrived today. Clearly the weather didn't stop them from delivering my order to me quickly :) If I'm happy with the things I've bought and actually use them, I'll most likely end up buying additional supplies there.

I figure that if I practice what I learned, I can decide whether I like doing it. There won't be a chance to practice in class so I have to make time to do it. And if Snowpocalypse actually happens here, I'll be ready with an at-home activity to keep me occupied until I can leave the house.

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