Friday, February 11, 2011

We need a cleaner

Ian and I are looking for a cleaning service. I'd wanted to clean the house myself but it's just not happening. I'm not a housewife, it turns out. Yes, I can get a dinner together, and yes, I can clean, but if there's anything else that I can do I'll do that instead.

We're not really sure how to find someone to clean for us. We could go with a big company but I've heard that they don't always pay their people that well and that's not something I can support. At the same time, how do we find an individual (or a smaller company)?

Someone told me about Cleaning for a Reason, a group that partners with cleaning services across Canada and the US to provide four free monthly general cleanings to people undergoing active cancer treatment. I guess I could qualify for that but since we can pay for it I'd rather do that. A local branch of Merry Maids is one of the partners with that group so we could hire them as a way of showing our support for Cleaning for a Reason, maybe. I don't know. Does anyone know anything about Merry Maids and how they pay their employees?

A complicating factor is that most cleaners use their own products but we're sensitive to scents and chemicals. Do cleaning services have unscented products? Can we request that they use them?

If anyone has any recommendations for a specific service in Kitchener/Waterloo or on how to find and hire a cleaning service, I'd love to hear them.

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Robin said...

Well, I know that some companies offer Green products instead of harsh chemicals so you could ask specifically for that. Also, there are individuals with their own cleaning businesses, usually they advertise in local papers or even Kijiji. If you go that route then you are paying the person directly as they aren't affiliated with any particular company. And, you could have that person come in on a trial basis to see if he/she cleans the way you want or has a personality that you find ok to be around as you will probably be home while the cleaning is being done.