Saturday, February 05, 2011

Delayed shopping gratification

I love shopping, not just because I like to spend money but I enjoy the thrill of the hunt to find the perfect item. I also like to be able to look at the things I buy and gloat over my purchases.

We went and chose new glasses frames for me today. My eyesight has changed a bit and so I'm having trouble seeing street signs when I'm driving. My current glasses are also reddish-coloured, which was fine when I was dyeing my hair but which don't really work with my natural ashy haircolour. The frames we chose have horizontal bands of dark and light grey on the front and dark grey temples. I haven't had plastic frames in quite a few years because when I was growing up that's ALL I could get.

Because I get the super-high index lenses where the optics are flattened out (giving more equal vision over the whole lens and flattening out the lenses), I can't get my glasses right away. They're sent out and will come back in about a week or so.

We also went out and chose a digital SLR camera. We wanted a proper camera for my jewelry pictures and to take pictures of the birds and wildlife around us. Ian couldn't just buy any old camera because we want me to use it, too, and we want a camera that I can hold in my child-sized hands. So we settled on a camera... which wasn't in stock at that store.

After spending all that fun time shopping, we came home empty-handed. That's not all bad except for the fact that I'm an instant-gratification kind of person and I wanted to play with my new toys today. At least they'll arrive soonish.

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