Thursday, February 24, 2011

Comedy show

Two posts in one day - aren't you lucky :)

We just got home from seeing Stephen Harper! The Musical and I rushed to write my review. What can I say about this show? Staying home and trimming your toenails is a better use of your time. Renting any Pauly Shore movie and forcing yourself to watch the entire thing will give you more laughs than this show. Yes, this show is bad. Really bad. The best we can say is that it really didn't get any worse after the opening number.

Many people left after the first act because the first act was so unfunny. Don't be like them: don't buy tickets for this show in the first place.

The thing is, this show had potential and should have been sort of funny; this is Second City, after all, and they do funny stuff. But it was kind of a one-note show and it incorporated a whole bunch of stereotypes. The friend next to me joked that we should have played ethnic stereotype bingo because there were so many stereotypes. I don't know if they thought all those would be funny or if they were trying to portray Americans as believing in them (another stereotype). Either way, everything fell flat.

It's possible that the troupe that's touring with this show isn't the original troupe and somehow this group just can't make it as funny as it might have originally been. Or maybe you have be more interested in politics to really find it funny.

The sound in the second act was better balanced than in the first so that we could understand what they were singing/saying. The thing I liked most tonight was when the cast did three improv scenes after the show - they were quite funny and were definitely the highlight of the night. But don't go to this show to see good improv - go to an improv comedy night instead.

Now that I've done my public duty by writing this review, I'm off to bed and to Orlando in the morning. I won't be posting again until sometime Monday evening, when I'll let you know how the trip went. Oh, and to clarify, I fly through Newark tomorrow, not Montreal, so I don't need to worry about customs. At least I'm packing light :)

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