Thursday, February 17, 2011

New spectacles

Some might be wondering why there are no pictures of me anywhere since this is my blog and I just put up a bunch of photos of other people. Well, I don't like having my picture taken because I don't think of myself as all that photogenic. Even if I loved having my picture taken, there aren't that many reasons to take it. Me sitting in front of the tv with my laptop on my lap is not such an exciting picture. True-to-life, maybe, but boring.

Lucky for you, I got my new glasses today so I have a good reason to have my picture taken and to post it here.  Here's me in my new glasses:

My hair is still growing out the dye so it isn't all one colour yet. What's growing in is definitely ashy - white, in areas - so I wanted glasses that went better with the hair colour that I'll have. As well, because my hair and skin are so light I wanted to be sure that my glasses didn't blend in with my face. I'm quite happy with these glasses. The frames are plastic and for once the lenses hardly stick out at all. Yay!

BTW, in the picture you can see the horizontal scar from the mediastinal node biopsy and the small scar where the port-a-cath was inserted.


Robin said...

What an excellent picture of you! I think you look very good in your new glasses :)

manchester fat acceptance said...

wow, so pretty in your new glasses! great picture, and i actually really like the colour mixture in your hair.