Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Something strange with my mail

I think I'm starting to really feel better now, finally! My voice is back to normal (people might even recognize me on the phone now).

There's something weird going on with my mail. I got a thing in the mail today saying that they'd tried to deliver a package yesterday at 2:15pm and that it would be at the post office today after 1pm. But... I was home, awake, and watching tv when the guy allegedly tried to deliver the package (and for a couple of hours on either side of that time). And if a delivery was attempted yesterday, why didn't I get the notification until today? It wasn't there yesterday; I checked mail several times after 3pm and there was nothing in the mailbox.

This isn't the first time that I've received a missed delivery notification; in fact, every time I've allegedly missed a delivery in the last few months, I've received the notification the day after the alleged attempt. But what's amazing - or weird - is that some of my packages actually do get delivered to me. I can't figure out why some get to me and some don't.

I have wondered if the postal guy isn't bothering to deliver some packages; that at the end of the day he leaves the package at the post office,  and fills out a "missed delivery" notice (making up the time he allegedly tried to deliver it), and drops the notice off it in my mailbox the next day. Or maybe there's a substitute that delivers (or does not deliver) my packages to me.

I guess I should contact the post office about this. I mean to do it the last time this happened but I didn't - maybe this time I'll start making inquiries.

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Stephanie said...

We just reordered a birth certificate for Owen so we can get him a passport. Well we paid for express delivery and supposidly they tried to deliver on the Wednesday (I am in and out) and Thursday (I am mostly home) but they never left a note that they came by or tried to deliver. Then the Expresspost office spoke to someone in Elmira (almost our phone number but not quite) and told them to pick it up. It wasn't till they called (correctly this time) to say that if we didn't come get it they were going to return it, that we actually found out about the delivery. Very frustrating when you are on a schedule. So I understand your frustration :-)