Thursday, February 25, 2010

More medals!

I heard that Canada won Gold in Women's Ice Hockey - good for them! Hockey is the one sport we're not watching but I'm happy that Canada won. Canada has EIGHT gold medals now; the most gold medals for us ever! Go Canada!!!

Canada will definitely win more medals in Men's and Women's Curling (either Silver or Gold in both) and possibly in Men's Hockey. I'm sure there are other sports where we can win medals as well before the closing ceremonies on Sunday.

We're watching the Women's Free Skating Program right now. We actually recorded it and are watching the recording so we don't have to watch the commercials or wait long for scores or anything; this is definitely the way to go as we're not having to watch as much stuff.

So far, the women aren't falling nearly as much as the other skaters have up until now. One thing I dislike about women's skating is that you can almost always tell when they're setting up for a jump. The better the skater, the less time they prepare for the jumps, but they all take some time.

It looks like they actually stop doing their choreography - by not even doing any interesting arm movements - to skate and concentrate solely on their jump. This completely breaks the rhythm of the choreography and makes it look like music just happens to be playing in the background while they're skating instead of them skating to the music.

I suspect they do this because they aren't generally as strong as the men and don't build up speed as quickly as the men do. Still, I wish the women would find a way to improve on their transitions into the jumps. it would make the figure skating that much more elegant and interesting to watch.

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