Sunday, February 14, 2010

Canadian Gold!!!!!!

For the first time ever, Canada has won a gold medal on Canadian soil! Yipppeeee!!!!!!

Alexandre Bilodeau won the gold with a spectacular performance in the Men's Moguls. It was so exciting! I was watching the end of the race to see how Canada did because four Canadians had qualified to ski in the final. At the end, when it was clear that Canada won, I jumped around and screamed and tears came to my eyes... this is a real achievement for Canada.

Plus there's no small satisfaction knowing that he beat Dave Begg-Smith, who grew up in Canada and now lives in Australia, and who refuses to give interviews with any but Australian press and who seem to hate Canada.

Now I'm going to watch the Pairs Short Program Figure Skating. I'd been flipping between that and Men's Moguls until the best Canadians started their runs in the Men's Moguls. I love the grace and beauty of figure skating. And the costumes, of course. :)
Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day :)

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