Tuesday, February 16, 2010

More Olympics

Did you see Maelle Ricker win Canada's second gold medal in Women's Snowboard Cross today? What a great day!!! We've gone from no gold medals at Canadian Olympics to two - and some sports have barely even started! If we're lucky, we'll get at least one more gold medal, so then we'll have won at least as many gold medals in Canada as we've hosted Olympics. It's practically the same thing, right? :)

Of course I've been watching figure skating as well as these other sports - I've loved figure skating ever since I was a very young girl. Tonight, I'm watching the Men's Short Program and I also watched most of the Pairs Short and Free Programs over the last two nights. Watching the Pairs Free program last night, I was very surprised to see how many people fell. I think there was only one program where one or another person didn't fall or mess something up. Was there something in the water that made them unsteady?

One of the best parts of figure skating, aside from the skating itself, is the costumes. This should be no surprise to some of you :) It's been a while since I really sat down and watched figure skating so I wasn't prepared for all of the sparkle, ombre, chiffon, fluttery parts, and asymmetry in both the Ladies' and Men's costumes. Seriously, the Men's costumes are brighter and sparklier than the Ladies' in some cases! When did this happen? And why didn't I think to buy stock in Swarovski?

During the Pairs Short Program the other night, one pair wore matching electric-blue jumpsuits with silver accents. The commentators really disliked these costumes, saying that they weren't suitable for the Olympics and that they belonged at a carnival. I loved the costumes and thought they were a refreshing change, especially for the female. I know that the skating skirt is designed to show the movement and whatnot but seeing a costume without it shifted the focus from how fast she was going to the way that her muscles moved.

Sadly, I don't think we're going to see more streamlined costumes for a while because most people are clearly not ready for them. However, since some of the more elaborate costumes are a bit distracting from the program itself, I expect sparkle will be used a bit more judiciously. Eventually. I think we'll see a lot more sparkle before this trend is over.

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Robin said...

Ahhh....sparkly costumes...sigh

The falling could be due to the ice. It's an art making perfect ice, it has to be not too hard or too soft and humidity plays a huge part. Once the ice is made, the audience comes in and changes the temperature and humidity levels of the arena, so it can be difficult for the icemakers to maintain.