Friday, February 19, 2010

My latest fabric purchases

I went to get the package that was allegedly delivered to me the other day... it was, as I thought, the lace fabrics that I'd ordered. I found a site that had all their fabric, including beautiful high-end laces, 75% off. So I bought a few fabrics, including these absolutely stunning lace (they called it Chantilly lace, but I don't know if it is) and Venice lace fabrics:
The fabrics are much more gorgeous in real life than in the pictures. I also bought a matching lace to the first picture that's narrower but completely covered with the flowers. I see a top with the narrow lace and a skirt with the one above... wouldn't that be lovely? It's hard to see in the picture, but the flowers on that lace are embroidered and then appliqued onto the netting, after which the centers are re-embroidered. I didn't realize that when I bought it but I love it.... it's so gorgeous.

The second fabric is soooo delicate and beautiful. I guess you could call it a Guipere lace but it's much more delicate than the Guipere laces you see in the local fabric store. It's lightweight and gorgeous and has a high shine. I have absolutely no vision for this lace - and I have much less of it - but I'm sure it can be turned into something grand.

I have no idea what I'm going to do with these fabrics. I don't have a huge amount of use for white lace fabrics, so I think I might try and dye them black. Maybe. I do wonder how the Venice fabric would look if I hand-painted the flowers and leaves rather than just dyed it all one colour. I don't want to destroy the beauty of these fabrics, so there'll be some experimentation involved. 

I know that the flowers on that first lace and the Venice/Guipere lace will take a dye because they're rayon but I'm not sure about the netting on that first lace. The netting actually feels like a nylon mesh and it's got some stretch to it (almost like a power-mesh, but with less stretch), so it might not take a dye all that well. 

For now, I'm not going to do anything with these fabrics... I just want to look at how beautiful they are.


Anonymous said...

Ooooooo! Gorgeous!
Love, Mom

Robin said...


I thought of hand dying the flowers too :) I could picture myself with a paintbrush going over each rosette.

manchester fat acceptance said...

so beautiful! in my mind's eye i see them dyed in an ombre of muted pastels...