Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Mystery solved!

So this mystery package turned out to be a version of Monopoly to celebrate my company's 25th anniversary. Yep, they Fedex'ed hundreds (thousands?) of these board games to their employees.

I admit that I was hoping for a better present than this - like, say, fabric or vintage patterns from a mystery donor :) Ian's thinking of taking it in to work and letting them play with (laugh at) it.

In other news, I got a message from Blogger telling me that they will no longer be supporting publishing via FTP as of March 26, 2010. That's what I currently do to publish this blog so I guess I'll have to migrate it somewhere else. Blogger says that they'll be providing tools to do the migration and take care of redirecting links and whatnot. Hopefully I won't lose all 1149 posts; I think the worst-case scenario is that I'll end up having to start fresh and link to this one for the history.

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Anonymous said...

New starts aren't always a bad thing :)