Thursday, February 04, 2010

Book club experiences

I think I mentioned before that my Meditation group is now studying The Power of Now.

I was reading the book this week when it went skidding across the floor. I threw the book because I was annoyed by some of the text that didn't make sense and that seemed a bit arrogant.

I think I can get through this book but I'm approaching the rest of it with some trepidation. If I weren't in this book club, I'm pretty sure that I'd just stop reading this book. The concept of living in the moment isn't new - it's really just another name for mindfulness or flow. The difference is that this book describes some possible benefits from living in the moment

I brought all this up in the book club today because I figure I can't be the only person who gets annoyed with the book or who feels this way. We talked about it and at one point I said that when I was reading something or trying to learn something, I need it to be logically consistent. One person said, "but this book isn't about logic."

Ummm. Yeah.

Something can be logically consistent without having a stitch of logic in it, which I guess is something that is not clear to everyone.

I'm committed to working through this book... for now. I can't promise that it won't annoy me, though, or that I won't be annoyed by the people in the study group. There's still a possibility that I'll get something out of the concepts in the book, and that's what I'm trying to keep in mind.

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Anonymous said...

The study group itself sounds interesting.

But I agree - books have to make sense or they are really not worth the time and effort.

Love, Mom