Friday, February 26, 2010

More Olympic fun

That was the craziest 500m short-track speed skating race ever!!!! Right before the finish line, Canadian Francois-Louis Tremblay and Korean Sung Si-Bak wiped out, so it looked like Charles Hamelin won with United States' Apolo Ohno coming in second. But then it turned out that Ohno was the one who somehow impeded Tremblay and caused him to wipe out, so Ohno was disqualified, Hamelin won Gold, and Tremblay won Bronze. Crazy!! That's what makes short-track speed skating so exciting :)

Apolo Ohno is one of the most famous short-track skaters because he's young, wins a lot, and controversy kind of follows him in his sport. The US and Korean short-track speed skaters tend to be a little more physical, bumping and pulling other competitors. Many skaters from these nations have been disqualified because they've impeded other skaters.

We also watched the much less exciting Women's Curling final; Canada ended up winning Silver after skip Cheryl Bernard missed two shots for the win. This was a disappointing game; this skip has played close games all through the Olympics because she's been able to pull off the winning shots in the last ends of the game. Until tonight, when she missed two relatively easy shots.

So Canada has, what, nine gold medals? NINE? How awesome is that!?! Canada had 20 medals altogether right now; we need only four more to get the number of medals we won at Turin - which is the most number of medals we've ever won at a Winter Olympics. Go Canada!!!!!

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