Saturday, May 16, 2009

Rainy saturday movie day

We finally got to see the new Star Trek movie today. The story was great! The best thing about it is that it really does allow them to restart the franchise, if they want (oh, the beauty of playing with time). Zachary Quinto, who you might know as Sylar from Heroes, plays a spectacular Spock. His character seemed to bring the rest of the cast together which in turn made the other characters more believable.

While the movie is good, it isn't perfect. The cinematography was weird because there seemed to be only two shots: the extreme closeup and the quick-moving pan-action shot that was hard to follow. I also felt that the guy who played Bones was WAY over the top. Every time he said something, I felt jolted out of the story ... maybe he was too intense? I can't quite put my finger on how he was over the top, but I thought he was definitely the weakest actor of the bunch. For the record, Ian disagrees with me, but I stand by my assessment.

The other major flaw I felt this movie had was that the external and internal design of the enemy ship didn't make sense. It was supposed to be a mining vessel and it looked more like a tentacled monster. Personally, I like my movie industrial design to at least make sense; that the form of an object will be related in some recognizable way to its function. That definitely wasn't the case here. It seemed like someone was drawing a ship and said, "I'm going to make this SO COOL and SO SCARY! Yeah!" Hmph.

And as for the inside of the ship.... what's wrong with a guard rail or two along the sides of slippery platforms suspended in space? Sigh. This movie cost a lot of money to make; making the enemy ship believable with good industrial design while also making it seem scary wouldn't have cost them any more than it did to design the ship bady. Sheesh.

Flaws aside, the movie is good. You don't have to like or know anything about Star Trek to like this movie, and if you are a Star Trek fan, you'll probably also like it.

Later on we watched Reeker. We'd watched No Man's Land: The Rise of Reeker a while back and found out it was a sequel and a prequel, kind of, so we wanted to watch the first movie. Well, I did, anyways; Ian watched it with me because it was there. The movie was pretty good for what it was, which is one of those horror movies where the protagonists get picked off one-by-one. The acting wasn't too bad (although the female lead did have some trouble hanging on to her accent) and the story was interesting. There were tense moments and some gory bits. Overall, it wasn't too gory or bloody. And the twist at the end made the movie interesting.

So if you like this kind of horror movie, this one's for you.

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