Sunday, May 24, 2009

It's so nice outside... welcome to spring!

It's been a gorgeous weekend! The sun has been shining, the air is clear, the flowers are out, and it's been warm. Really, it's been a perfect spring weekend, and I wish that we had this weekend off instead of last weekend. Not that it matters to me, of course, because I don't work, but then Ian and I could spend more time outside together in such great weather. Hopefully it'll be just as warm next weekend.

We didn't spend the whole day outside, of course. I can't work on the pattern outside, after all :) I got some work done on the pattern although I'd have liked to do more. It turns out that some of the pieces are hard to grade and shorten and so I've had to do some thinking to figure out exactly what to do. At least most of the other pieces should be straightforward to grade and shorten.

We also watched Sukiyaki Western Django today. It's like a prequel for the Django, I guess. I don't really know anything about Django or other spaghetti westerns, but I still enjoyed this movie. Basically, a solitary warrior enters a town with a huge treasure and two warring factions and pits one against the other. Almost all of the actors - except Quentin Tarantino - are Japanese and the dialogue is English. It's a pretty funny movie with some gore and over-the-top action.

Even if I hadn't liked this movie - which I did - seeing a spaghetti western and reading about them might help understand Quentin Tarantino's next movie: Inglourious Basterds.

This evening we watched Futurama: Bender's Game because it was the only thing on tv tonight. It's funny in a Futurama sort of way - it doesn't always make sense, there's lots of cultural and movie references, and it's silly. Yep, it's an awesome as it sounds!

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