Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer TV

I'd been worried that there wouldn't be anything to watch in the summer what with all of the regular shows finished. Fortunately, there are new things to watch.

Like Canada's Worst Handyman 4, which is both funny and sad to watch. I yell at the tv a LOT when that show is on, both because the people on the show seem not to even be able to read basic instructions or think through the most basic design. One contestant was kicked off this week for saying something awful to the other contestants - I don't know what it was but it was bad.

One of the new shows is Mental which we watched for the first time tonight. It's about an unconventional psychiatric department head, in a House-like tradition. The first episode was ok but we'll probably wait and see how it is over the next few weeks.

Tonight also marked the start of Canada's Next Top Model cycle 3, only two weeks after America's Next Top Model cycle 12 finished. The drama and cattiness has already started! I'm pretty sure that the models get younger every year :) The challenge prize winners on this episode got to go off the coast of PEI to look at the baby seals. I was so jealous... I'd love to go there.

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