Friday, May 22, 2009

Sleep, sleep, and more sleep

I wouldn't have thought that having a CT scan followed by a walk in the afternoon would have made me soooo tired. But it did.

All I did yesterday was the scan and the walk, and today I ended up sleeping until 2pm. Plus I was exhausted all day; every time I turned around I was ready for a nap. Of course this means that I didn't do all that much today, and that's ok.

What I did do was put away the patterns I've received lately. That doesn't sound like much, but I've bought more than a few vintage patterns lately and they need a home. My four comic book boxes are now filled to bursting with patterns; I'm going to need to get more boxes.

I also spent some time looking at my patterns and my fabric. I've got a wedding to attend in a couple of months and I'd hoped to make a dress for it. I have several patterns that I love for an event like that so I've puled them out and am trying to figure out which fabrics might work with which patterns. I do have some lovely fabrics - both new and vintage. Several of my 50s fabrics are quite similar: a light-coloured background with flowers and squares sprinkled all over. I hadn't realized how similar those fabrics were until I took a good look at them.

Over the weekend I hope to trace out the pattern I'm going to use - or, if I still can't decide between the three I'm currently considering, trace out all three patterns - and hopefully get the pattern(s) graded up so that I can make some test garments this week. Since I don't have much to do each day (and honestly, I get bored of surfing the interweb), I *should* be able to actually get somewhere with this dress.

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