Friday, May 01, 2009

Thinking about sewing... again

I've made a new decision about what I want to sew next. I'd been thinking that I wanted something that was easy to wear, comfortable, and that didn't look or feel fussy. So many of the dresses I love are more dressy and I just wouldn't wear them every day. Sure, I might wear them when I go out somewhere - like if I leave the house and do something other than walk to the nearby grocery store or walk around the block - but I don't do much these days. It would be different if I was working, of course, but I'm not.

So anyways, I wanted to make something that I would just throw on if I was bumming around at home or going to the store or whatever. And I wanted something that would look nice on me and maybe even be a little flattering, The pattern I've chosen is this simple wrap dress from the 1960s:

As you can see, it has an a-line skirt, and is quite simple. I'm going to try to make it with short sleeves to start. There are actually two front panels, one on top of the other, so I won't need to worry about wind or anything like that. I've traced out the pieces and need to grade them up. I was going to do that this evening but I ended up watching the original The Picture of Dorian Gray (a fantastic movie, by the way, and definitely worth seeing).

If the dress works out, I might make it in different fabrics. I've been buying vintage pattern/fabric combos and I now have a large collection of fabric from the 50s... it's so pretty, and most of it is still current and pretty.

There are so, so, so many dresses I want to make.... so many, in fact, that the choice can be overwhelming sometimes. For example, I'd still like to make a couple of good-quality slips to wear underneath many of the dresses I still want to make as much of the fabric I have is sheer. I have a few slip patterns that I've collected and put away, and I need to check them and see which (if any) will make slips that will work.

But one step at a time: for now, I'll try this dress, and see if it works. If it doesn't, then I'll try something else.

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