Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Hunting for boots

Although I bought myself a new pair of winter boots recently, I've been on the hunt for some fashion boots that I can wear with skirts and skinny pants during non-freezing weather. There are so many great boots out there that work with the kind of things I wear. The trouble is that I have a hard time finding boots that fit because I have short legs and, ahem, "curvy" calves.

I've spent quite a bit of time looking at boots online and I have a few favourites. If I had normal-sized calves I'd definitely go with a tall, fully-laced boot like this one:

Oh, how I love them! Sadly, there's no way that they'd fit and look good on me. There are shorter lace-up alternatives out there and while they're ok, I don't love them as much as the taller versions. As well, the shorter lace-up boots also remind me of the boots that were around 20 or 25 years ago and I'm not sure that I'd want to wear something I saw a lot back in the day.

Of course there are other styles that I'm drawn to, like these tall slightly slouchy boots:

These gorgeous boots are ridiculously expensive. I've only seen them online and I don't want to just buy them sight unseen without ever having tried them on. It's one thing if I try them on, they fit perfectly, and look fantastic on me because then I could justify the cost. However, there's no way I want to spend that much on something that isn't right.

Fortunately, I think my favourite shoe store in Guelph carries that brand so I'll see if I can try them on there before my psychologist's appointment on Friday. Even if they don't have the exact same style, they'll have others that I might like. And if I don't find boots there, well, I'll be in Toronto late next week and I can continue the hunt.

No discussion of footwear would be complete without mentioning my mostest favouritest type of shoes ever: the wingtip. I have always loved wingtip shoes and they're back. If I had unlimited money, I'd buy this pair:
I love love love love the multiple colours - aren't they gorgeous? I'd love to own them! That's not likely to happen - ever - as they cost even more than those boots above and if I had to choose between these shoes and boots, well, I'd have to choose the boots. Here's hoping I actually find a pair!

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i love your shoe and boot selections!