Saturday, October 15, 2011

Belated Thanksgiving dinner

We made up for having to cancel Thanksgiving dinner in Mississauga by having a yummy dinner there tonight. Ian's mom made a delicious roast beef with popovers and vegetables, followed by a fabulous pumpkin cream cheese pie. I haven't eaten that much in along time and I'm feeling deliciously fat and happy now :)

In some ways it was good to go this weekend instead of last weekend. Not just because I was sick, but because last weekend was so nice and sunny and this weekend is cold and rainy. By staying home last week, we were able to get the outside work done. We definitely don't want to be outside working on the yard this week! It's so cold and windy and rainy that just being outside is unpleasant and I don't want to be out there working.

And being at Ian's parents when it's not nice out means that we get to just stay inside and chat instead of doing yard work at their place. Of course we'll help out whenever we can there but not having to do that was a nice change. It made for a more relaxed visit that we enjoyed very much.

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Debbi said...

Glad your dinner was so nice.
Thanksgiving is my favorite meal and family gathering. Ours isnt until Nov. here.

It's getting cold and REAL windy here in Ohio too. NOT a good time for yard work. Who wants to have to do it anyways..
I know...It has to be done before winter hits...but I'm just saying....