Thursday, October 06, 2011

Another treatment down

Today was bloodwork and denosumab day. They hadn't even set up an appointment for bloodwork until yesterday and when I went to get my labels (bloodwork requests), none were available. They had to page my nurse to order my chart to figure out what bloodwork was needed. I don't understand why that couldn't have been done yesterday or when my nurse sent the note asking to be paged when I arrived.

Fortunately, bloodwork went well, as did the denosumab. In addition to compulsively using hand sanitizer while I was there, I wore a mask. I looked pretty silly because the mask covers a lot of my face but I figured it was better to look silly than to possibly infect people. If I could infect people in Mississauga, I could infect people in the chemo suite, right? The nurses were very nice about it and thanked me for being courteous towards others, telling me that most people in my situation wouldn't bother with a mask. No wonder the best place to get sick is at a hospital.

After the appointment I voted and came home instead of going to my metalsmithing class. I'm really not feeling all that well: I'm tired and my throat hurts. So I've been resting and trying to drink lots of fluids.

I forgot to mention yesterday that they took my temperature when I visited the clinic. It was 34.2C or 94.28F. I'd been sweating before that and was cold but I hadn't realized that my temperature dropped into mildly hypothermic territory. The doctor noticed how much I was sweating and suggested that I try one of the treatments for it. I explained that I thought the side effects would be too much and he said, "you'll never know unless you try."

He has a point.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

sorry to hear you are still sick and have to postpone your trip.

your doctor sounds quite awesome.