Sunday, October 16, 2011

I'm having a party

I'm hosting my very first Pampered Chef party tomorrow evening. Although Ian and I have hosted one or two parties together, I've never hosted a party on my own so I'm quite nervous. Whenever I've had people come into the house like this, I spend time upgrading things and adding little touches to make the house look more homey. Basically, I set things up one way knowing that things need to be added but I don't add them until other people outside the family are going to be seeing things.

So we spent today hanging pictures and shopping for a mirror for the main bathroom and shopping for the food that'll be served tomorrow. The consultant is making a recipe for which I need ingredients and I hope to make some cookies tomorrow for which I need other ingredients. While we were doing all of this, we were also doing laundry because Ian is heading to another office tomorrow for a few days. And he was curling tonight. I'm sure you can imagine what a turmoil our household has been in all day :)

Fortunately, I don't have too much left to do tomorrow. I have to do dishes and generally tidy up for the cleaning person and then make the cookies. They dough gets refrigerated partway through so I think I can probably get at least half the batch baked up. If not, I have other food to serve my guests.

If you're reading this, live within reasonable driving distance (or are willing to pay for me to ship it to you - sorry, only in Canada), and are interested in ordering Pampered Chef products, you can place an order with me up until this Thursday. Just have a look at the catalogue; I think you're able to place an order online from that link. If that link doesn't work, let me know what you want and I'll place the order for you.

UPDATE: My consultant is experiencing an emergency and had to cancel tonight's party. We're re-scheduling the show for mid-November and she's promised me that we'll still be able to take advantage of the October 20% off stoneware special.

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