Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Tomorrow's the day!

Tomorrow is the start of the Toronto After Dark film festival and I'm so excited! Something tells me that I might have a tiny bit of trouble getting to sleep because I am just so excited. You know how kids get so excited that they're practically vibrating with that excitement? That's me. I feel like a kid the night before Christmas.

I've spent the day packing and getting ready. I think I'm pretty well ready to go except for a few things I have to do in the morning: write a few checks, pack up my toiletries, and wash the few dishes that are dirty. Oh, and unplug the waterfall. If there's time I could unload the dishwasher but I'm not going to rush to do that.

I'm taking two big suitcases with me: one full of clothes and the other full of 10L of water, snacks, and tea. I could put that stuff loose in the car but it'll be easier to take up to the room all piled in the suitcase. If I forget anything, well, Ian will be back a few times so that he can go curling so he can bring back whatever I need.

After I check in to the hotel I'll go and pick up our event passes. I am taking the laptop with me so I'll be able to give you my reviews of the movies and venue.

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Robin said...

Have a great time!