Friday, October 07, 2011

Election changes

The Liberals have taken Ontario again... sort of. They managed to get one seat short of a majority so they'll be working with a minority government this time around. While it would be theoretically possible for the NDP and PC parties to work together against the Liberals, the chances of that happening are quite small as the two parties are ideologically completely different. In our riding, the Liberal candidate was re-elected with 300-odd votes over the pompous former weatherman as a PC candidate.

Unfortunately, the election turnout was the lowest in 36 years with only 49.2% of eligible voters showing up to vote. This isn't much of a surprise, really, given that there were no big issues in this election.

I'm also happy that Alberta swore in its first female premier, Alison Redford, today after Ed Stelmech stepped down. She'll be in power until she decides to hold an election - and she isn't required to do that until 2013. Yay for Alberta! Yay for women! Honestly, it's about time that Alberta had a female premier, isn't it? I feel like we should be past all that by this point, that we shouldn't even have to acknowledge that the person holding one or another office is female. I guess we have to start somewhere.

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