Thursday, March 25, 2010

Still house-hunting

We're still looking at houses. We saw one today that had some really nice features but that wasn't quite right for us. The best part about it was that it had a cottage-type feel, with huge windows overlooking a little lake and walking path. The yard was terraced down to the little lake with big stones and there wasn't much of a yard, but it probably would have been enough for the little doggy we're going to get. The owners of that house were leaving as we got there and they had a maltipoo, so the yard must be fine for the doggy.

Unfortunately, there was no way to put in a main floor bedroom or a shower on the main floor - these are things that we require. We want to be able to live on one floor - well, for me to live on one floor when the time comes. It'll be easier if I lose more mobility to not have to go up and down stairs.

What we really want, we think, is a bungalow with a walkout basement. We saw one when we just started looking but we weren't ready to buy then and it wasn't in the perfect location. Fortunately, there are other bungalows in the same neighbourhoods as the houses we've looked at - there are even some on the same street as today's house. So we think that the house we want actually exists already somewhere. We might end up paying the very top-end of our price range, and we might have to wait, and we might even have to look in other neighbourhoods, but we'll find our house.

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