Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping and not-shopping

Ian has been wanting his eyes checked for a while because he thought his eyes had changed. We got him in to see the optometrist today and it turns out that his eyes have changed by about .50 on each eye.

He also got new glasses - a regular pair and sunglasses - with his new prescription today. He knew he'd want new glasses right away so we thought we'd choose the frames first so that we wouldn't be there too late in the day. Within half an hour, he'd picked both frames. It usually takes me much longer than that - I think that I'm much more picky. And of course I've got a much higher prescription and have to choose my glasses carefully.

Both pairs would be ready in two hours so we had the choice to either hang out at the mall and shop around or go home. Ian was actually willing to stay at the mall and look around at anything I wanted to look at... and I chose to come home. I gave up an option to wander around a mall - something I normally like to do - to go home instead. I know you all think this is trivial but it's not typical behaviour for me. Normally I love looking at stuff in the mall.

To be fair, I was tired and not feeling my very best and it was super-busy. Still, I've felt a lot worse and gone shopping before, and I've definitely shopped in busier conditions. But I don't really need to buy anything and I didn't know what I wanted to look at.

Hopefully the next time I have the opportunity to go shopping, I'll take it... it feels weird to say "no" to a shopping opportunity.

Edited to add... I was thinking about this overnight, and part of the reason that I wasn't wild about shopping was that there was no Winners there. If there had been a Winners in that mall I could have easily spent at least two hours shopping. :)

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