Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Movie night with friends

I can hardly believe that 2009 is almost at an end. It feels like this year has passed by so quickly; more quickly than previous years. Am I just getting old? I've heard that time passes more quickly as people get older.

We pre-celebrated New Year's Eve by going over to a friend's place with another couple of friends and watching District 9. I enjoyed the movie at least as much as I did the first time; I found it to be as profound a look at the way people interact with their "lessers" as it was the first time. One of the things that I especially liked about this movie was that once you accept the existence of aliens, the events felt like they could really happen and that the movie was documenting an actual event.

A couple of my friends felt that there were some extra-gory bits in the movie. I guess that's true - some parts (like when our protagonist loses his fingernails and teeth) are kind of gory and a little upsetting, if you're squeamish. I am a bit squeamish about fingernail but I felt that this and other gory bits just "fit" into the movie. To me, they weren't gratuitous because they had a place in the context of the movie and so I didn't really notice those bits as standing out. Then again, I think also that I have a higher tolerance or lower sensitivity to violence because of all of the video games and movies I watch. So take my gore recommendation with a grain of salt, I guess.

Ian's off tomorrow and I think we're just going to sit around and be lazy (read: play video games). We might go over to a friend's place to watch another movie, or we might just stay home. Either one is fine with me. 2009 has been a difficult and sad year and I'm looking forward to seeing it out and the new year in.

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