Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wrapping presents

I love wrapping presents. There's something about taking paper and trim and making something pretty and unique that I like and find relaxing. I've thought about volunteering to do wrapping at the mall or wherever but I never seem to get my act together enough to get that process started.

This is probably just as well because it can to take me forever to finish the wrapping. Putting the paper around the object takes almost no time at all. What takes forever is adding the ribbons and bows and other stuff to transform the wrapped object into something a little nicer. There's usually a lot of thinking involved and trying stuff. When I'm wrapping a bunch of presents at once, I like the trim on each one to be just a little bit different. Doing that takes time.

Wrapping presents is on my mind tonight because I just finished wrapping the gifts for Ian's family. We're going to Ian's parent's house tomorrow morning for Christmas so tonight was wrapping night. We wanted to bring already-wrapped presents tomorrow. (as an aside - how can it be Christmas already? Where did the time go?)

I wish I'd thought about how to send wrapped presents to my family. I didn't make the decision not to go until quite late and I wasn't sure how to make the shipping work. I think I know how to do it (key idea: bubble wrap) but I didn't come up with that idea until just now. I hope they still enjoy what I did send; one way or another, next year everyone who gets gifts from me will get a wrapped present, one way or another.

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