Sunday, December 20, 2009

Getting ready for the holidays

I think I'm finally pretty well ready for Christmas. This is no small feat, considering that I didn't start my Christmas shopping until after I finished the dress last week. Well done, huh? :)

This Christmas is going to be different from Christmases past: for the first time ever, I'm *not* going to Edmonton for Christmas. Instead, I'll spend the entire Christmas holiday with Ian in Mississauga and Waterloo, and I'll plan a trip out to Edmonton some other time.

I do feel sort of weird about not planning to go away because that is something that I usually do around now. Even though I did laundry today, I don't have a list of stuff to take and I'm not pulling out the suitcases, trying to figure out whether everything will fit. I expect to have moments like this throughout the holidays, where in previous years I'd have been doing this or that connected to Edmonton.... and I know that I'll miss my family very much until I see them next.

Still, it's time for a change. Staying in Ontario is the right thing for me to do this year; my family understands this and is ok with it. Of course they'll stay in my thoughts this Christmas, so I'll be able to celebrate with them in spirit (if not in person).

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