Friday, December 18, 2009

Relationships on tv... and sleep

I haven't slept this much in a day in quite a long time - I got up around 10:30am and went back to sleep around 3pm until 8:30pm again. I'm still sleepy so I don't think I'll have any problems getting to sleep later. I guess my I need a lot of sleep.

You all know that my latest favourite tv show is Say Yes to the Dress, right? Tonight there were two new episodes and one focused on larger, plus-sized brides. Finally! Not all women are the tiny sample size (even though the store is in New York City) and it's about time they showed real-sized women.

Of the three brides they showed, one wasn't even really fat; she'd gained maybe 20 pounds in her stomach, butt, and thighs. Her mom and cousin laughed at her. Laughed. Every time she put on a dress that she liked, they laughed and said nasty things to her. They said nasty things about her while waiting for her, too (like, her husband won't want to marry her in that because she's fat). But to laugh at your own daughter and tell her that she's fat... that's horrible.

I've seen some pretty appalling behaviour on the part of the family on this show, but this takes the cake. Seriously - that's a terrible way to treat one's daughter. I hope that this woman learns how to stand up for herself... and maybe breaks off contact with that toxic mother and cousin. No one deserves to be treated the way this woman was.

Speaking of moms and daughters, in the second episode one bride was a 5'2" woman with her mom. The mom wanted to see her in those big, poufy, Cinderella-type, over-the-top dresses, claiming that the bride loved ruffles and volume and that deep down, the bride wanted a big wedding. The bride wanted none of that. She didn't want a big wedding and she wanted her dress to be elegant and classic. Why the consultant only listened to the mother and not the bride, I don't know.

I guess that picking out a wedding dress is one of those things that really shows the relationship between a woman and her mother. If there are unresolved issues there of any kind, they're going to come out when it comes time to pick a dress. I suppose it's one of those things where the bride sees herself as a fully-grown woman and the mother still sees her daughter as a little girl. Of course these brides are in their twenties, and that transition has to happen sometime.

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