Saturday, November 07, 2009

A very expensive pattern

Many of you know that I love to look at (and occasionally bid on) vintage patterns on eBay. Some rare, gorgeous patterns might go for crazy prices like $100USD or more, depending on the pattern and size. There was an auction that ended today that took the cake, going for a higher price than any other single pattern I've seen.

The final bid for this pattern:

... was $361.99USD. How crazy is that? There's no way that I'd pay that much for one vintage pattern - even if the pattern is this spectacular.

I suppose money may not be much of an object if someone was making a wedding dress or other fancy dress ... or if they just wanted *this* pattern. I can imagine how beautiful, fabulous, and show-stopping the dress made out of this pattern would be, even though the pattern is over 70 years old. I hope that whoever bought this pattern does make the dress and posts it somewhere. Wouldn't that be something?


Anonymous said...

I like this website Chantelle it's only my fist time on it .

It's really cool that l watt my own.

Thank you for putting this on the blog.

Emmy said...
This pattern just went for $555!

Chantelle said...

I saw that and was completely shocked!!!! I thought about bidding on that pattern but of course it went too high for me.

It is a very, very rare pattern; it's a very early Vogue Couturier pattern. But still, I can't imagine that it would be worth $555! No one would sell it for that much afterward, so I guess a collector must have purchased it. I'd give a lot to see what else is in that collection :)