Monday, November 16, 2009

Fabric shopping... oh, the possibilities!

I spent most of today looking at super-expensive, lovely fabric at stores online. I love looking at fabric, even if it's online. It's not quite as good as looking at fabric in person, because I can't touch the fabric, but I can definitely imagine what the fabric is like.

Yes, I'm still thinking about which fabric (and colour) to use for the dress I'm hoping to make. There are a ton of absolutely fantastic fabrics out there and I love them all. One site also has tons of non-dress fabrics I'm interested in buying - some beautiful batiste and sateen. So far, I haven't put any fabric in an online shopping cart but I'm so, so, so tempted to just buy a few things, you know?

I have a big morning tomorrow and once I'm done, I'll head to my local fabric store. I don't expect to really find anything there because they don't carry much in the way of really nice fabrics. However, there is a chance that they'll have something I like, and it's a good idea to check what's there before looking further afield.

I had given some serious thought to buying fabric online if I can't find anything here, but I decided against doing this. I'd be too worried that it wouldn't arrive in time or that the fabric wouldn't be what I thought it was, and I just don't want to take the chance that there will be a problem. So instead, I'll take a trip to Toronto this weekend or next. There are lots of awesome fabric stores there and I'm quite sure I'll be able to find the perfect fabric combination and colour.

In the meantime, I'll keep looking at fabric online and letting my imagination run wild.

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