Monday, November 30, 2009

Interesting lecture today

I went to a talk sponsored by Google Waterloo today on data mining, or how they store and retrieve all the information they get for things like Ads. It was a little vague but still interesting - just thinking about the amount of data that Google works with is mid-boggling. They have so many servers and so many queries and everything has to be done so fast that they're really on the outer limits of knowledge with respect to this stuff.

I love the idea of big technology, and I love the work that Google does to make all of that complexity invisible to us end users. I'd love to be a part of that. Not only is the stuff they do awesome, so are the people. Everyone who works there wants to be there and wants to do a good job because they *want* to do a good job. There's no deadweight.

If I was actually working and I had the right skills, I'd submit an application in a heartbeat because they're hiring right now here in Waterloo. Sadly, I'm not working, and I don't have the right skills, so it won't be me who ends up working there. But if you happen to be a smart, dedicated person who fits one of the job descriptions here (or you know someone who fits the bill) you could submit an application.... and maybe you could be hired by the best company ever.

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manchester fat acceptance said...

i have a resume online with the golden key honour society, and there is a database of employers that we can express interest in working for. google was one of the employers, so naturally i put my name forward. of course, there isn't much demand for teachers at google... but i tried!