Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Fabric shopping today

My local fabric store didn't have anything right for the dress I want to make. There wasn't anything in quite the right weight or colour.

The store is having a ginormous sale so I did look around and see what was there. I was surprised to see some lovely sequinned mesh fabrics - fabrics that would make a great sparkly, fun, outfit. If I weren't committed to this dress, I'd definitely think about getting some of the sequinned stuff.

I did find a great black corduroy-like fabric with ribs of pile like corduroy has, but much, much softer. It's made out of polyester and nylon and is so, so, so soft. The fabric I got is crushed and looks sort of like the corduroy equivalent of crushed velvet. It would make a great skirt.

I didn't just buy this fabric for me, actually. I bought it mostly to use for head coverings. I'm still making them, verrry slooooooowwwllly, and I asked today what it was they needed. I'm finding that if I'm not given some kind of target, I don't find the time to do the volunteer work. They're asking for at least five head coverings per week, and right now they want dressier, warmer ones because of the upcoming holiday season. This crushed, soft corduroy will make for some nicer head coverings, I think. Plus the fabric will make them warmer.

I also got a 1m remnant of black rayon challis, and I'll use that to make other head coverings that are slightly less... glitzy crushed corduroy, but still dressier than plain cotton. I have a ton of black broadcloth I can use for the linings. The new fabrics might be a little slippery on the head.

So at least my trip to the fabric store wasn't a waste of time because I got some great fabric for the head coverings. I will definitely be heading over to Toronto to look for fabric. I won't lie to you - I love the idea of shopping in the fabric stores there :)


Anonymous said...

Don't forget to show the dress when its completed...

Darling Jee said...

I need help. Where the heck does one buy fabric downtown? Or even in the Harrower's neighbourhood? I have had two weeks to come up with a "veil" for my belly dance class and haven't had time to Google fabric, let alone make a veil. Help!